Year                                                              PROJECT DURATION                                           DISCIPLINES INVOLVED 
               2024                                                       February 1st - April 12th                                                                           Experiential Design
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Product Design
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Graphic Design
NEOS TECHNOLOGY is a small technology company that aims to improve everyone's quality of life through creative features integrated into their electronics. therefore, Neos's first step is to create a smartphone, the most popular gadget in our life, and showcase it at their booth at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024.
The goal of this project is to create an exhibition booth for NEOS at the MWC. The booth must be environment-friendly and aligns with the company's aesthetic. 
The first thing I wanted to create was the branding logo since this is a fictional company. As for the aesthetics, I planned to follow a modern, futuristic style, with a little mix of Cyberpunk and Interstellar (sci-fi video game and movie, respectively). 

NEOS, in Greek, means new, young, and youthful, which fits very well with a company that aims to innovate daily life through new technologies. 
Above is my thumbnailing process. For this particular logo, I explored shapes by playing around with different fonts rather than drawing freehand symbols to achieve fast and effective results.
A glimpse into customers' perspectives 
To obtain regular customers' perspectives regarding logo design, I discussed it with some of my non-designer friends. They all ended up selecting the middle concept, as they believe the square shape gives a solid and trustworthy feeling for a technology brand.
As for the brand color, I went with orange-red. Since my target market involves young people who love new technology, as well as sci-fi and modern aesthetics, I believe this color will best impress them.

The next thing to work on is the product that will be used in the final renders and graphic elements: the smartphone. Since this is an experiential design project, I keep the phone simple.
On the left is my sketch done with markers on A4 paper. On the right is a render test done in Blender. Note that its logo is just a placeholder, as I designed this phone before working on the official logo.
The booth was used for the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024, held in Barcelona in February. it would follow the same aesthetics as the logo to convey a stronger branding message.
The event took place at the International Barcelona Convention Center. The booth will be held at spot CS50, where Bayern International GmbH is. This place lies at the intersection between Hall 4 and 5, so it will be able to capture the audience from multiple directions.
The dimensions of this space are 8x14 meters, which is more than ideal for a medium-sized booth. 
It's not about just designing a space, it's also about designing 
And so, the notion of putting in the core essence of video games and movies came to my mind, resulting in the emergence of the two aesthetic styles. 
The initial sketches were meant for exploration. During this phase, I focused mostly on putting down larger shapes and creating overall compositions.
The orange dots represent the ones that I liked the most.
The next step is to refine the chosen concepts with finer details. During this process, I explore different types of styles, shapes, and forms, as well as layouts and features.
Since the booth has to be sustainable, Waste and resources have to be minimized. Therefore, only the necessary parts will be put in. They also need to be separated for transportation, assembly, and disassembly purposes.
A strong exhibition booth needs to have: a reception table, a product experiencing area, a merch giveaway area, and any mediums used to create brand impressions.
FIRST 2D to 3d ITERATIONS block-outs
Combining all concepts, along with my mentor's feedback, I create two variants of the booth. similar to the sketching phase, I focused on putting down general shapes. 
A HyBRID aesthetic
I played "Cyberpunk 2077" and delved into its concept art, finding keyframes in "Oblivion" to analyze them. Even though both are about high-tech society, the former is a degenerated universe, while the latter is more about sleek and elegant designs. That is, I intended to combine the angular forms and the atmospheric effect of Cyberpunk with the use of colors and small details of "Oblivion."
The first detailed builds
The first layout was a success, as it satisfied my sketch concepts and had the elements from the chosen aesthetics. During this stage, I also made some posters for the booth, which can be seen below.
The material used to build this booth is MDF, painted in white, and finished with clear Class A fire retardant coatings.
MDF is affordable and durable. It also has a smooth and consistent surface that can be painted on easily. Most significantly, MDF is sustainable as it is typically made from recycled wood
Class A fire retardant coatings help prevent smoke and the spread of fire, in case accidents happen.
With the overall composition done, all that is left is texturing and lighting. For this step, I used decals to add labels, imperfections for realism, and VrayEdgeTex to create "fake" bevels since all objects are not infinitely sharp in real life. I also put in humans to develop a sense of scale. 

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