Create or redesign an electronic device using Arduino UNO, LED lights, sensors, or any other Arduino-related components.
Lamps are crucial pieces of furniture in the room as their light intensity and color determine the mood of the room.
A night lamp can be re-designed in creative and brilliant ways to give the user a cozy and warm space after a long day of work.
Activity Analysis
The inconvenient point of using this lamp is that controlling the brightness and switching the power requires the user to use the switch that lies along the cord. That is, the user has to reach under the table just to adjust the lamp.
To make it more convenient for the users, I thought about innovating the lamp with touch-sensitive features to control the light intensity and power. I also wanted to redesign the reform to fit the current interior trend of minimalism.
No one wants to deal with a problematic product after a long and tiring working day. So, the easier the lamp to operate, the better.
The design will be minimal and modern. I envisioned the product to provide ambient light and fit into any kind of environment, thus details had to be minimized.
Multiple thumbnail sketches were generated to gather as many ideas as possible.
Form Exploration
The initial thumbnail sketches were pushed further to create various forms in the 3d space.
Interface exploration
Following Form design, the interface must be put into consideration as how the user interacts with the product is the core objective of this project.
The diagram above shows the interaction between the user and the device and the tasks that the user needs to complete in order to achieve the desired outcome. 
In general, the user needs to do is touching the base, which senses capacitance changes to adjust the light intensity.
The prototype was made with foam boards, which is a budget-friendly material and easy to cut.
Circuit Board
The circuit includes an Arduino UNO, a 220 Ohms resistor, LED strips, and a capacitive touch sensor. In the diagram, the capacitive touch sensor was replaced by an IR sensor due to unavailability on TinkerCAD
The CAD render includes multiple views of both the night lamp alone and its in-context placement. The product is modeled with Fusion360 and rendered using Blender Cycles.
The lamp provides warm and ambient light at night. The term "Lunar" refers to the moon. In the user's room, the lamp acts as a "mini-moon." Hence, I chose such a name. As for "lighting & interior," I want to convey a professional theme so I put in the phrase.
The final product has reduced details to achieve a minimal look.

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